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Superhero Junior

Cora was only nine years old, but she had a big secret… she was a superhero named Cool Cora! Being nine, she was only just getting started as a superhero and still testing out her new powers. Her first battle was a real struggle! Don’t believe me? Well, read it below!

Cool Cora was standing in front of Mulberry Care Home. Her biggest enemy, Spyborg, was operating his powerful and illegal Spycam. He was scanning the Grand Central Bank to find out the layout and finalise his plan to rob it! She had already tried to fly, but her powers wouldn’t allow that. She ran superfast at the wall, but she couldn’t keep it up for long enough to reach the roof. Then it hit her like a cannonball - super climbing! She gripped onto a gutter and launched into action. By gripping onto every nook like a monkey, she reached the roof.

She blasted two lightning bolts into Spyborg and said, “Give up Spyborg, and no fighting happens”. “I will never give up!” snarled Spyborg in his robotic voice, “Spybots! Attack her!” Five robots flew up from the ground and fired laser bursts at Cool Cora. “Ha! See how you like that!” cackled Spyborg as he activated his rocket boosters and flew to a faraway rooftop with a giant antenna bolted onto it. Cora used her super vision to see where Spyborg was headed. That must be the operating platform, thought Cora, I have to get there.

She used her super speed to weave around the Spybots as she blasted them with lightning bolts. Cora could feel her power draining. She didn’t have much left before her powers would need recharging! Whirrs and beeps were coming from a supercomputer on the operating platform. Cora conjured up the last of her power to sway the weather in her favour. She pushed the wind up so high that she could glide over to Spyborg using her cape! Cora checked her power. She pushed everything she had into the power tank, trying to turn willpower into superpower. She found just enough superpower to complete the mission. Houses and flats zoomed past below.

Suburbs became bustling cities that rumbled with traffic and people. And then the air shook violently with the roar of the antennae’s signal. The shaking broke up the wind, causing Cora to shoot in a zigzag pattern through the strands of resistant wind. She crash landed in front of Spyborg. “So you made it through all of my obstacles, huh?” he smiled nastily, “Finish her, Peter!” A tall man emerged from a metal control room inside the antenna and aimed his laser gun at Cora. “This is your end, Cool Cora. Mwa ha ha!” cackled Spyborg. “THERE IS NO END FOR COOL CORA!!!” Cora screamed. Her determination had bolstered her resolve and somehow refilled her power tank. She blasted a lightning bolt into Peter and melted his laser gun with a second one.

Spyborg knew that defeat was imminent, but he wanted to rescue his plan before defeat. The villain pressed button after button, scanning the bank in 3D. He emailed it to his hidden lair and encrypted the link. I can return to my plot after I escape prison, thought Spyborg as he launched a super virus destroying everything on the supercomputer and wiping the hard drive. The virus quickly destroyed itself afterwards.

Cora incinerated the supercomputer, antenna and control room in a giant blast of pure power. It took a few seconds for Spyborg to realise that he was pressing buttons that no longer existed. Cora knocked Spyborg off the operating platform and onto the ground, where the police wrestled him into their van. “Mission Complete!” smiled Cool Cora.

By Max

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