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Sunda and Hound Detective Service

John Sunda is a private detective with an unusual partner – an Akita dog called Growl! The justice-bringing team’s business is called Sunda & Hound Detective Service. They specialise in luxury car thefts.

They have an office a few floors above a shop, with a frosted glass door. Growl stands guard at the office entrance, and the name Sunda and Hound Detective Service shines on a silver plaque attached to the door. A large desk can be found in the middle of the office. A matte black swivel chair is in front of the desk and, on the wall at the back of the office, lockers are labelled with different cases. There is a desk tidy at the back of the desk, with Sunda’s case notes in it. A computer is also on the desk next to a dark blue phone.

The phone trills gently. John picks it up. “Hello, this is Sunda & Hound Detective Service. Who is calling?” he asks.

“This is Peter at Meldey Car Showroom. There’s been a car theft,” replies the caller.

“What make is the car, Peter?” questions John.

“The new black Tesla S is the car in question,” answers Peter.

“What is the number plate?” John says clearly.

“TG3 RTU,” Peter says worriedly. John writes all of this down in his notebook. “OK, thank you, Peter. I’ll look for your missing Tesla,” he says. “How much will it cost?” asks Peter. “£200 a day,” replies John, “I’ll tell you if I find it. Goodbye”. John sets out with his dog to a busy road he knows is a popular getaway route for car thieves.

When they arrive, the road is bustling. John looks at every car, but doesn’t see any Tesla S cars. They keep watching all day, but don’t see anything. John decides to go back to the car park. Then he gets his break. He is about to get into his armoured chase car when he sees a black Tesla S pulling into a space by the toilets. The number plate is TG3 RTU! A man is driving the car and looks uneasy! “Stop right there!” roars John. The wheels on the stolen car spin and it screeches away! John quickly puts Growl in his armoured chase car and gets in. They zoom away with their siren on.

The Tesla turns off the road and into the park! John follows him. People dive out of the way and they weave around trees and even knock down the fence of the play area!

The criminal speeds out of the park and seems to be heading for the car showroom! They soon arrive, and the car thief stops the Tesla. He climbs out and climbs up a builder’s ladder – the roof is being repaired from very bad weather. Two other criminals climb out of the Tesla. They are highly wanted criminals: Thuggo and Sparkzy. Growl barks fiercely at them and bites Thuggo. “Get off, you mutt!” Thuggo snarls. “Put your hands in the air, Cameron Sylvania and Juliet Arnott,” commands John. Cameron Sylvania is Thuggo’s real name, and Juliet Arnott is Sparkzy’s real name. “Never!” the two criminals shriek! John runs toward them, holding two pairs of handcuffs. The criminals pull daggers from their pockets and start throwing them at John. He runs in a zigzag pattern, avoiding every single one. He high-kicks Thuggo. The criminal goes down, unconscious. John handcuffs him and does the same to Sparkzy before she can escape.

“Now for you, Mr car thief,” says John. The thief has knocked the ladder down from the roof, but the builders lift it back up for John and hold it steady. Growl has to stay at the bottom. “Are you ready for my course?” the thief laughs evilly and runs under an air vent pipe. John follows him under the pipe and over a metal fence for the rooftop fire exit. Two more criminals burst out of the fire exit and take on John, making him realise that he has walked into a giant set-up without realising it! He high-kicks both criminals and handcuffs them. Before the thief can get any further, John pins him down by the scruff of his neck and handcuffs his hands in front of him. Suddenly, the thief double-kicks John from the ground, knocking him out cold.

He waits for Thuggo and Sparkzy to turn up. “It was easy to pick these handcuffs then lock up the dog,” Thuggo grins as he picks the lock on the thief’s handcuffs. Once uncuffed, the thief gets out an envelope of cash and hands it to Thuggo. “Night, night,” the thief says as he high-kicks Thuggo and Sparkzy into unconsciousness and picks up the cash!

When John wakes up, he has been moved to the showroom. “You got back our Tesla and lost the criminals, but you still got back the Tesla, so here’s the cash,” Peter says as he hands John £200. “I’ll get them next time!” says John.

By Max

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