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On a winding country road, a lorry driver sees a family crossing, too late, and slams on its brakes, causing chaos. Cars hit their brakes just before they crash, spinning out into a fountain shape. The lorry’s cargo punches through the side of it and showers a farm shop with pallets filled with milk, flour and bread. Through all of this, the three people in the road are the only casualties. They lie by the curb like three stones.

Air Ambulance Kent, Surrey and Sussex is very busy today. A call conversation flashes onto a computer screen; a nasty road traffic accident, with three casualties, miles away from the nearest hospital. It looks as though the casualties could have serious injuries so the Air Ambulance worker can see that the caller needs the Air Ambulance’s help to get emergency treatment quickly. She tells her boss, “We need to send out one of the helicopters pronto,” says the Air Ambulance boss. “Yes, boss,” all of the team rush off to prepare one of the helicopters.

Above the scene a helicopter hovers, trying to find a clear spot to land. Eventually they decide on a wide mud track, at the edge of a field, next to the road. The helicopter touches down and the Air Ambulance team move out. “I see why they need help. This is big, big trouble,” says a paramedic. They carefully lift the patients onto the air ambulance, two of whom are regaining consciousness. “Hello, what are your names?” ask the paramedics.

“I’m Donald Auckland, and that’s my wife, Julie. Please help her,” a bald man tries to outstretch his arm and then howls in pain as he realises he can’t.

“I’m Thomas Auckland,” the little boy says, looking very pale and, above all, terrified.

“OK everyone, we’re just going to take you to hospital where you can be examined. For now, lets give you some gas and air to get rid of the pain,” the paramedics give Donald and Thomas a mask each, connected to a tank, to wear. Another paramedic closely monitors Julie Auckland, who remains unconscious, and radios ahead to the hospital to inform them about the condition of the patients who are on their way. The paramedics joke with Thomas and keep him comforted on the journey.

At the hospital, it is confirmed that Donald has a broken back and Thomas a has a broken collarbone in several places. Julie regains consciousness after further emergency treatment at the hospital but has a broken pelvis and sprained neck.

Because the air ambulance were there for them, the Auckland family got the right emergency care and medical treatment at the hospital fast. Eventually they all make a full recovery from their injuries. Thomas and his family donate to Air Ambulance as a thank you gift.

They hope you’ll never need them, but who knows, maybe the Air Ambulance will help you one day!

by Max.

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