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Cool Catz

Rio is a very fluffy tabby cat, who thinks he’s a dog! He is sitting on the roof of his owners’ car, watching them as they go out for a walk. Rio jumps off the car roof, onto the bonnet, and then down onto the uniform concrete driveway. He walks past the potted roses and the hedge. Just like a dog, he likes to follow his owners when they go for walks. He also likes to sit with his owners, whatever they’re doing.

He follows his owners around the end of the road and to the junction. Without warning, a large truck zooms past startling Rio so much that he leaps into the hedge! He skids through the hedge and finds himself in a narrow alleyway. He is about to scramble back through the hedge when his ears prick up! He can hear something – a muffled squeaking. Rio pinpoints the sound and tracks it down. He paws aside an empty packet of crisps and finds a mouse! But before he can pin it down, the little creature escapes!

Rio hears more rustling. The mouse must be escaping through the hedge! He dives into the greenery and follows the rustling. He pops out by a wall. The mouse is sitting on top of the wall and he climbs up silently. The mouse doesn’t notice him. He is about to catch it when a fox appears and eats the mouse whole! Rio backs off and finds a sparrow to catch instead.

He walks along the wall until he reaches a road. He loves going on adventures, but hates walking, so he has a cheeky habit of catching the bus to where he’s going! Rio sneaks onto a bus and gets off near the park. Then he hears lots of meowing! He tracks down the sound into an empty driveway. A group of cats are singing a cat song! “Come on, Kitty! Leave your knittin’!” sings one. “Come here Mew! We need you!” raps another. “Errr… Hello?” says Rio. The cat band stops its practice. “Hey, dude!” says the singer, “want to join Cool Catz, huh?”

“Errr… actually it’s my first time seeing a cat band…” Rio says uneasily.

“Well, have a go being in one with us! Come on!” the cats grin.

“OK…” Rio said.

“What song would you like to make, dude?” asks the cat singer.

“I wish I’d caught you, Speedy Mouse!” begins Rio, “Not that silly, silly fox!”

“Foxy, foxy, foxy fox,” another singer sings.

“Go for it, Milky!” says the singer. A white cat plays a popular cat guitar riff with her Feline Rock 12 guitar. Dow Dow Dow, Dowdede Dow!

“I run hedge, alley and wall,” sings Rio.

“But still that naughty fox takes it all!” sings the singer.

“Except a little sparrow; nothing at all!” sings Rio. Dow Dow Dow!

“Silly fox takes my mouse, miles away from my cosy house, I run and run, but there’s no forgettin’, such a vexin’,” raps the rapper.

“Oh, the Speedy Mouse and the Silly Fox! The two creatures of this tale! Oh, the Speedy Mouse and the Silly fox!” finishes Rio.

“OK, we’re good. The Speedy Mouse and the Silly Fox,” said the singer, “next band practice tomorrow. We meet here if it’s sunny; if it’s rainy we meet under the human zipwire in the park”. Rio caught the bus home from the park and curled up in his igloo-shaped bed. He dreamt about Cool Catz and his first ever concert.

By Max

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