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Christmas Tree Magic

Louie Carter is in a Christmas Tree shop with his family. Trees tower over Louie like mini mountains. They sway in the breeze, casting giant shadows over him and his family. “That’s a good one,” Mum notes. “Yeah,” agrees Dad. Louie touches the tree on a pointy needle. It tickles his hand. He suddenly feels very cold. Then Louie notices that he isn’t in the shop anymore!

There are Christmas Lights up along the roof and a heavily decorated Christmas Tree sits in its pot in a corner.A giant door is open, and elves are sprinting around him with presents. They are loading them into a red sack on a red sleigh! Santa’s Sleigh! thinks Louie. “Hello, there,” an elf says to Louie, “wonder why we’re loading the sleigh so early? Well, we have to deliver to other planets as well as Earth, so we deliver to them early,” “Cool,” replies Louie.

“Please can you help us?” requests the elf.

“Err… OK,” says Louie.

“Just get some presents from that room there and load them into Santa’s sack,” explains the elf. Louie jogs off into the present storeroom.

Chandeliers attached to the ceiling with Candy Canes hanging from them cast a soft glow in the storeroom as Louie selects a pile of presents labelled, “Cosmic Gifts 1/12/2020”. It is in Santa’s swirly handwriting. That’s today’s pile, thinks Louie as he carries three presents back into the sleigh room. He loads them onto the sleigh before the elf asks him, “Have you sent your Christmas list to Santa yet?” “No,” replies Louie, “I haven’t even written it!”

“Well, just go through the door with the Christmas lights, and you can discuss it with Santa himself!” smiles the elf, “He loves meeting the children that receive his presents!”

In Santa’s workshop, Louie meets Santa. “Ho Ho Ho! Welcome to the North Pole, Louie!” Santa booms.

“Hello, Santa! How do you know my name?” asks Louie.

“I know everyone’s names! It’s part of the Christmas Tree Magic,” Santa replies.

“What’s the Christmas Tree Magic?” asks Louie.

“Ah, the question every Teleported asks,” sighs Santa, “the Christmas Tree Magic begins when you are teleported to the North Pole by a Christmas Tree. Then I am reminded of everyone’s names and told your name by my Christmas Tree. You help the elves and I discuss your Christmas List with you. Simple”. It is not simple to Louie. His head hurts when he even tries to work it out. “Anyway, what do you want for Christmas?” Santa asks, cutting off Louie’s thoughts. “I want a new bike bell, preferably with Lightning Macqueen on it, an Avengers Endgame Iron Man, Mario Kart for Nintendo Switch…”

An hour later, Louie’s Christmas list is complete! “Well, it was a long hour, but we did it,” smiles Santa, “goodbye Louie”. A polar bear thunders in and says, “Hop on” in a deep but friendly voice. Louie sees the ice, sea and land zoom past him as the polar bear runs faster than the wind. When they reach the sea the polar bear blows bubbles as big as a trees for he and Louie to travel in underneath the waves. They arrive back at the outdoor Christmas Tree Shop quicker than a shooting star. They stop behind a tall, wide Christmas Tree. “Goodbye, my friend,” whispers the polar bear before he scratches the ground and shoots away.

Louie re-joins his parents. “Let’s buy this tree,” says Mum. They buy the Christmas Tree with the Christmas Tree Magic.

By Max

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The End!

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